Wednesday, August 27, 2008

mexican food and cupcakes

Had a birthday party on Saturday. my parents came up from san diego and there were about 35 friends there. It was a back yard party - low key - with mexican food for dinner - and cupcakes for dessert. ( best cupcakes I've ever had ) We pulled out 2 couches into the backyard with a bunch of chairs to give it a more relaxing feel. I think it worked out nicely. The strings of lights lighting up the space with warmth. We also hired a palm reader/ tarot card reader gal to do mini readings for everyone. That was pretty fun. I've never been to a party that had one there - but for my 40th birthday party - it felt like a real treat. It was nice to give all of my friends and family something different to experience as well.
My reading was quite amazing. I'd go into it - but it would probably bore you. It's just amazing to ME!
I had an astrological chart reading, a palm reading and a tarot reading! yes all three! I missed a bit of my own party during the reading- it took a while. But it was fun and different.

I had a polaroid guest book as well. So when people arrived they took a photo of themselves with the polaroid, taped it into the book and left me some words of wisdom. It was fun to go through the next day. Since polaroid is not making polaroid anymore it felt important to create something while I could. I few years from now I'm sure we won't be able to find any. It will be a relic from the past. Like 8 track tapes. Or the past 40 years of my life!!!!

Tomorrow is the actual birthday. I feel a gratitude list coming on.....


Quote of the day
" the human condition: lost in thought"
- Eckhart Tolle Stillness Speaks.

This is from a book two of my friends gave me for my birthday. It's a great little book. I was looking for a new source of spiritual goodness to read and it came to me in this book. My friends are so great!!!! thank you!

So glad I got to see everyone that night. I've been in the house a lot lately. Laying low, and working on that new project I eluded to a few entries ago. More to be revealed on that soon!

It was refreshing to hug so many people and spend time with folks I love.