Thursday, August 28, 2008

today is my birthday - the big 40!

Yep - I'm 40 today.
Feeling good after a morning of sleeping in.
Now I'm making tea that my friend amy sent me.
And plan on having a day of pampering.

It is strange to be 40 ( like "how did I get here!" kind of strange ) but also really great.
I feel more comfortable in my own skin and that counts for a lot.

My life is wonderful.

Figured I'd spend the morning writing a gratitude list to get this off on a positive start for this next year:
p.s. this is just off the top of my head - not in perfect order - but perfect anyhow!

1. I got to 40!
2. I get to listen to birds singing every morning on the front porch with my cat Pretty Girl.
3. I have a wonderful husband who I adore and we have so much fun together and support each others dreams.
4. My husband Jerry and I have photography in common.
5. Jerry and I love to travel together and bring our cameras with us.
6. Jerry and I enjoy living life at the same pace.
7. I am healthy and still full of life and energy. ( and so is my husband and my cat who is 15 years old now! )
8. I live in Southern California where I can wear my flip flops, jeans and tank tops almost the entire year.
9. We live on a very quiet street
10. we live near 2 trader joes, 1 whole foods and close to the freeways but far enough away. ( food is important! so is travel)
11. I have glorious, wonderful, caring, supportive friends all over the globe! How lucky am I to know them.
12. We have hard wood floors and I walk around barefoot all the time and feel the buttery flooring on my feet.
13. We have the best tree outside in our front yard.
14. We have a pomegranate tree and a eucalyptus tree out back in our big back yard.
15. my parents are fabulous people that live close enough that I get to see them pretty regularly.
16. my parents have a lot of energy and are young in spirit.
17. I don't have to wake up with an alarm clock. I wake up naturally when I feel ready.
18. I don't have to clock in or out at a job that isn't fulfilling.
19. I get to work as a photographer and artist
20. I live in the USofA.
21. I got to witness the first african-american to be nominated for president of the united states.
22. there isn't any drama in my life these days. I used it all up in my teens and twenties....and some of my thirties.
23. I've been sober for 21 years and don't struggle at all with being in the world. My insides have been transformed over time.
24. My life moves more slowly and I don't have the need to be somewhere else. I enjoy where I am.
25. I live in a world where we can re-invent ourselves as many times as we want to in order to figure out what fits and what doesn't.
26. we have a bath tub I get to take bubble baths in.
27. We have cable and tivo - i know that's so sad to you - but for me - it's a dream after some of the experiences I've had.
28. We don't use credit cards and have very little debt.
29. I got to work with Miguel Ruiz and it changed my life.
30. I get to practice what I learned from him whenever I remember to - and it helps me shift back into love and out of fear.
31. I have limited hearing in one ear - but the other one is better then most people can hear out of both!
32. My limited hearing helps me sleep at night and tune out the snoring that happens at the other side of the bed!
33. Jerry takes care of me when I am not feeling my best and he never complains about that.
34. Amy sent me birthday gifts that I get to open today!
35. Jerry is going to bring me my favorite dinner tonight.
36. My friend Erica is taking me to my favorite vietnamese restaurant for lunch today.
37. There are so many things to be grateful for that this list could go on forever!
38. I'm grateful that I have internet - ( high speed! ) and that I can e-mail friends who live far away and keep in touch with them because they mean so much to me!
39. I'm grateful I had great teachers who encouraged me to keep on going with my artwork.
40. If you made it to the bottom of this list then you get to read the biggest news of all! I'm grateful that I am pregnant with our first child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 3 and a half months along now and doing very well. Starting to show. our doctor told us that it is due March 2, 2009 which is EXACTLY 7 years from the day Jerry and I met! Goose Bumps! We will find out if it's a boy or a girl in about 7 weeks or so.

i wonder who made it to the bottom of this long list.??
do tell.

I hope you have a glorious day today and I'm off to finish my tea - and keep on having my fabulous birthday!