Friday, October 03, 2008

10 days

Today is October 3rd and in 10 days Jerry and I will celebrate our 1 year anniversary.
My head is in the clouds because we went to hawaii for our honeymoon and we are going back again this year to celebrate our baby coming ( babymoon! ) and our first year of marriage. We took these photos on our honeymoon. The one of the two of us was taken on a sailboat where we went out to a small island and had dolphins swimming along side the boat with us. It was amazing. The beach shot was taken at Napili Bay which is our favorite beach spot. We've been there 2 years on a row. The turtles peek their heads up out of the ocean for air and I just love watching them. We go to Maui at the end of this month. Both of us are dreaming of turtles, the beaches, listening to the ocean, laying on rafts in the water, snorkeling, eating papaya every morning, the list goes on and on. This year I get to show off the baby belly and I need to go buy a two piece that fits! I tried on the honeymoon bathing suits and um NO. I may start my hunt for the bathing suit today so I have some time to find it!
I'm bringing my pinhole camera and will start a new series of photos for the babymoon, that will be along similar lines of the honeymoon photos - only less about consumation of marriage ( done that ) - and more about the transition into parenthood ( doing that ) I'm looking forward to breaking out the camera again after it sitting on the fireplace mantel for almost a full year. It's strange how things have changed for me with my work. I no longer feel a frantic need to make several series of work and have a bunch of shows and get the work out there. It feels more like water. It's just flowing the way it needs to and I don't need to push it. It is happening and it is a wonderful feeling to let it go and have it not be the way I value myself or get my worth from.

List of things I love:

1. Jerry of course!
2. our sweet little baby boy.
3. living a slower paced life and lifestyle
4. listening to the birds outside while sitting on the porch with my cat pretty girl.
5. listening to my cat purr by my head when we are getting ready for sleep.
6. watching Jerry dance around the house.
7. being married to Jerry!
8. our wonderful - warm - cozy - beautiful home.
9. baking things that make jerry smile from ear to ear!
10. talking with amy.
11. Friendships where I feel like I can be myself and they can too.
12. checking in with other friends by reading their blogs. Helps me stay connected.
13. avocados
14. Papaya.
15. Listening to the ocean.
16. feeling a light wind.
17. sunny days that are cool and crisp and I need to layer and wear my boots.
18. the leaves turning in Minneapolis.
19. Hawaii!
20. traveling anywhere with jerry.
21. the hand / eye / heart connection when I take photographs and feel it.
22. Learning new things.
23. taking classes
24. Loving.
25. e-mail!
26. internet.
27. being barefoot on our hardwood buttery floor.
28. My friend Joanne that I've known since Junior High!
29. Having A friend from High school live in the same area of LA.
30. Mexican Food. Cheese enchiladas specifically!
31. Water with ice and a slice of lemon in it.
32. cooking for friends
33. having tea with my friend Christina.
34. taking a walk.
35. Living in a quiet neighborhood.
36. Fall.
37. October.
38. Jeans.
39. photobooths.
40. lists!

I could go on and on.
Have a fabulous day filled with lots of things you love doing, seeing, and creating.