Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mr. President - BARACK OBAMA!

Just got back from a relaxing and beautiful trip to Maui with my husband and 6 month baby bump.
We had a fantastic time. Laying by the pool, floating on a raft in the water, eating great food, watching sea turtles, laying on a raft in the ocean at Napili Bay ( our favorite beach and where we stayed on our honeymoon last year ). Jerry did a Scuba Dive, and he drove up to Haleakala Volcano at 4am to watch the sunrise. I couldn't take part because of the pregnancy but was excited that he got to do those things. It was a trip to celebrate our one year anniversary and our "babymoon". The last vacation without a diaper bag and or a child! I miss it there already. I do Love Maui so much. We have been going every October for the past 3 years and hope to continue the tradition with our baby.
Our last day there was voting day. We sat in a cafe that had a huge screen tv with fox news on. It was funny to watch that particular channel. A group of strangers sitting in the cafe all sharing our opinions and rants.
We went and had dinner and on the way to our car we peeked our heads in the cafe again to see the tv screen it said
I was stunned. We went in and I asked if it was real. They said yes - it just happened. I expected a lot of commotion in the streets - especially since he is from Hawaii - but it was strangely quiet.
We missed hearing his acceptance speech but I read it on my iphone and was in tears from the first paragraph. It was stunning, meaningful, inspiring, thoughtful, bigger then just about himself. I love that about him. I have loved him since he first announced his candidacy. And have never felt so inspired to be a part of his idea of change and hop and get in the trenches and do something to help be the change I want to see. I bought a lawn sign, and a "mama for Obama" t-shirt.
I am reconsidering my career path and want to be more involved in helping the community. Not sure what that is going to look like yet but it is seriously on my mind these days. I'm so proud we all got together and voted for him. I didn't trust the voting process after - well - you know what happened. And here he is Barack Obama....Our PRESIDENT.
What a way to end our vacation in Maui. With an inspiring new President I am proud of and a sense that our country is on the right track again.

Now - about Prop 8 passing..........
I'm shocked and humiliated that so many people out there are still - well
my friend Brandon said it better then I can so here is the link to his blog. Go read it - it's worth the effort.

A friend of mine just went through a very shocking experience at a 12 step meeting of all places. Her Sponsor told her that she can no longer work with her because she ( my friend ) is a Lesbian.


What does that have to do with helping someone with the 12 steps?

Fear is alive and well here in Los Angeles. So Sad.
And it happened the same day Obama won.

A gal suggested that you fight hatred by stepping away from the hater.
Obama is a great person to look to as a symbol of this. No matter what the Republican party was saying about him - he didn't react - didn't get angry - didn't veer from his path. A path absent of immaturity and ignorance. He is so above it that nothing could really bug him. His wife is the same way. She said they have a purpose and focus their energies on that instead of what people say about them. There's no time for that.
I love them.
Thank you for being an example I can look to in my own life of how to be in the world, change the world, and no get wrapped up in all the toxic energy that people throw around.

YEA WE CAN!!!!!!!